Digital Humanities Benelux Conference 2017

Wednesday 5 July 2017: Afternoon


14.00 Parallel sessions – papers
 H Room: D25, 103 Chair: Tessel Bogaard
1 Is the Europe of Knowledge the Talk of the Town? Exploring the potential of digital data on MEP speeches in the European Parliament to understand policy
Julie Birkholz, Martina Vukasovic and Jelena Brankovic
2 Learning complementary alternative medicine socially? Topic modeling health consciousness with big online discussion forum data
Marjoriikka Ylisiurua
3 Global Absolute Poverty: Behind the Veil of Dollars
Michail Moatsos
 I Room: D25, 203 Chair: Laura Hollink
1 Musical networks – Networks of music
Marnix van Berchum
2 The “Frame Generator”. An alternative method for approximating core meanings in texts
Joris van Eijnatten and Juliette Lonij
3 Hybrid approaches to historical research: analysing the Anne Frank diaries with digital tools
Gerben Zaagsma
 J Room: D25, 005 Chair: Kalliopi Zervanou
1 Towards a tool and data criticism framework: a developer’s and user’s perspective
Sally Chambers, Greta Franzini, Joke Daems and Marco Büchler
2 Supporting Digital Humanities in Dealing with Quality of Web Documents
Davide Ceolin, Lora Aroyo and Julia Noordegraaf
3 Building the ARTECHNE database: New directions in Digital Art History
Marieke Hendriksen and Martijn Van der Klis
4 From Tools to “Recipes”: Building a Media Suite within the Dutch Digital Humanities Infrastructure CLARIAH
Carlos Martinez-Ortiz, Roeland Ordelman, Marijn Koolen, Julia Noordegraaf, Liliana Melgar, Lora Aroyo, Jaap Blom, Victor de Boer, Willem Melder, Jasmijn van Gorp, Eva Baaren, Kaspar Beelen, Norah Karrouche, Oana Inel, Rosita Kiewik, Themis Karavellas and Thomas Poell
 K Room: D25, 101 Chair: Ortal-Paz Saar
1 Digitally mediated emotions: representations and reinforcements
Anca Țenea
2 Metatextuality in Gissing’s New Grub Street: from Print to Digital
Ileana Marin
3 A venir : Le geste digital : processus d’appréhension sensible et conceptuel des objets culturels et patrimoniaux.
Marie Rousseau
4 Analyzing reading strategies: bridging the gap between close and distant reading
Christoph Aurnhammer, Iris Cuppen, Inge van de Ven and Menno van Zaanen
15.30 Break
16.00 Keynote Lora Aroyo (Professor at the Web & Media group, Department of Computer Science, VU University Amsterdam) ‘Data Science for Smart Culture: Harnessing Human Semantics at Scale’ D21, 0.32.
16.45 Drinks sponsored by at Drift 21, Atrium