Digital Humanities Benelux Conference 2017

Wednesday 5 July 2017: Morning


09.00 Registration, D21, Atrium
10.00 Parallel sessions – papers
 A Room: D25, 203 Chair: Joris van Eijnatten
1 Tracing Text Types in Biblical Hebrew
Wido van Peursen
2 Automating genre classification of historical newspaper articles. Mapping the development of journalism’s modes of expression
Frank Harbers and Juliette Lonij
3 Generating Interactive Narratives from Wikipedia Articles
Ben Burtenshaw, Tom De Smedt and Mike Kestemont
 B Room: D25, 104 Chair: Marieke van Erp
1 Linking multi-disciplinary data sources for a historical research platform
Kalliopi Zervanou, Wouter Klein, Peter van den Hooff, Frans Wiering and Toine Pieters
2 A Linked Data Approach to Disclose Handwritten Biodiversity Heritage Collections
Lise Stork and Andreas Weber
3 Linked cultural events: Digitizing past events and analyzing the ‘creative city
Harm Nijboer and Claartje Rasterhoff
 C Room: D25, 103 Chair: Julia Noordegraaf
1 The Quest for Questions in Digital History: A Comparative View on Werner- and Delors Report on Economic and Monetary Union
Florentina Armaselu and Elena Danescu
2 Transparency as Rupture: Open Data and the Datafied Society of Hong Kong
Rolien Hoyng
3 Oral history online – User perspectives and behavior in a transforming WW2 memory culture
Susan Hogervorst
 D Room: D25, 101 Chair: Andrea Bertino
1 Collections as networks, Uncovering information exchanges and information networks in the collections of the Meertens Institute (KNAW)
Douwe Zeldenrust
2 Mapping Controversies in Digital Curation
Dana Mustata
3 Research opportunities for the archived web in the Benelux
Sally Chambers, Peter Mechant, Kees Teszelszky and Yves Maurer
11.00 Coffee / Tea at D21, Atrium
11.30 Parallel sessions – panels
 1 Room: D25, 203 Chair: Peter Doorn
Be FAIR or be square: Stakeholders’ perspectives on data quality in the Digital Humanities
Sebastiaan Derks, Klaus Illmayer, Jasmin Böhmer, Valentine Charles and Emily Thomas
 2 Room: D25, 103 Chair: Lora Aroyo
A Pragmatic Approach to Understanding and Utilising Events in Cultural Heritage
Marnix van Berchum, Lizzy Jongma, Willem Robert van Hage, Gerard Kuys, Susan Legene, Annelies Van Nispen, Jacco van Ossenbruggen, Lodewijk Petram, Piek Vossen and Sally Wyatt
 3 Room: D25, 101
Strategies for integrating Digital Humanities skills and practices in the Humanities Curriculum
Susan Aasman and Stef Scagliola
13.00 Lunch at D21, Atrium