Digital Humanities Benelux Conference 2017

Tuesday 4 July 2017: Morning


09.00 Registration, coffee and tea at D21, Atrium
10.00 Parallel sessions – papers
 A Room: D25, 206 Chair: Marie Puren
1 Coin Production in the Low Countries, fourteenth century to the present
Rombert Stapel, Jaco Zuijderduijn, Jan Lucassen and Kerim Meijer
2 Mapping the Place: “De Krook Quarter
Piraye Hacıgüzeller, Sally Chambers, Christophe Verbruggen and Hans Blomme
3 Cinemas on the Move. A Geospatial Analysis of the Role of Traveling Cinemas in the Dutch Cinema Landscape
Jolanda Visser, Julia Noordegraaf and Ivan Kisjes
 B Room: D25, 204 Chair: Harm Nijboer
1 Soft skills in hard places: the changing face of DH training in European research infrastructures
Jennifer Edmond and Vicky Garnett
2 Ranke.2; How to get Digital Source Criticism on the teaching agenda
Stefania Scagliola
3 Video essays and the new possibilities for film criticism and pedagogy
Irina Trocan
 C Room: D25, 005 Chair: Kalliopi Zervanou
1 The Pyramid of Conscientious Digital Humanities Research: how to get a ‘general idea of what you should be seeing
Serge ter Braake
2 This is my ground truth, tell me yours: Potentials of multiple annotations for digital humanities
Berit Janssen
3 Digital History Projects as Boundary Objects
Max Kemman
 D Room: D25, 101 Chair: Laura Hollink
1 Modelling and Analyzing Character Networks in Recent Dutch Literature
Roel Smeets
2 Spinozist discourse in Dutch textual culture (1660-1720). A computational approach to the dissemination of the Radical Enlightenment
Lucas van der Deijl, Lia van Gemert and Erik van Zummeren
11.00 Coffee / Tea at D21, Atrium
11.30 Parallel sessions – papers
 E Room: D25, 005 Chair: Marijn Schraagen
1 Building a Conceptual Architecture and Data Model for Cross-Disciplinary Research Infrastructures
George Bruseker, Martin Doerr and Maria Theodoridou
2 Data quality in Europeana Designing extensive EDM records : The Universitätsbibliothek Heidelberg study case
Pierre-Edouard Barrault, Valentine Charles, Antoine Isaac and Marjolein de Vos 
3 Easing Access to Linked Data Resources for Digital Humanities Scholars
Albert Meroño-Peñuela and Rinke Hoekstra
 F Room: D25, 003 Chair: Marijn Koolen
1 The Nederlab research environment: an update
Hennie Brugman
2 Modeling the evolution of languages through text mining: A proposed methodology applied to the transition between Latin and romance vernaculars
Florian Cafiero and Remy Verdo
3 Experiments in fine-grained entity typing for Dutch
Marieke van Erp and Piek Vossen
 G Room: D25, 204  Chair: Martijn van der Klis
1 Predicting familial risk of dyslexia by applying machine learning to infant vocabulary data
Ao Chen, Frank Wijnen, Charlotte Koster and Hugo Schnack
2 The Dictionary of the Southern Dutch Dialects (DSDD): Designing a Virtual Research Environment for digital lexicographical research
Jacques van Keymeulen
3 Establishing interdisciplinary dialogue: conducting a qualitative investigation into linguistic requirements for Natural Language Generation
Emma Clarke and Owen Conlan
 H Room: D25, 203 Chair: Yanne Broux
1 Getting the Bigger Picture: An Evaluation of Media Exploratory Search and Narrative Creation
Berber Hagedoorn and Sabrina Sauer
3 Bias in the analysis of multilingual legislative speech
Laura Hollink, Astrid van Aggelen and Jacco van Ossenbruggen
12.30 Lunch at D21, Atrium