Digital Humanities Benelux Conference 2017

Challenges in Digital Collections Integration for Research in the Humanities

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Time 09:30 – 15:30
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Big cultural heritage data present an unprecedented opportunity for the humanities that is gradually challenging and re-shaping conventional research methods. However, digital humanities have grown past the stage where the mere availability of digital data was enough as a demonstrator of possibilities. In order to properly serve humanities research, computational technologies need to support the critical and comparative methods associated with the study of human culture and behaviour. For this purpose, an important issue lies in the integration of digital data and understanding of data in context. This problem is far from trivial because “data are theory-laden and relationships are constantly changing depending on context […] data are created by specific people, under specific conditions, for specific purposes, all of which inevitably leads to data diversity” Huggett (2012)1.

The aim of this workshop is to address the challenges related to data source integration for humanities research and more specifically:

  • Humanities researcher requirements
  • Humanistic considerations for data integration
  • Approaches to metadata standards for data integration
  • Considerations in de-facto standards (e.g. Europeana Data Model)
  • Domain specific ontologies for data integration
  • Data integration software architectures and infrastructures
  • System demonstrations
  • Semantic mapping
  • Text mining for semantic enrichment and association


Dr. Kalliopi A. Zervanou and Dr. Eveline Wandl-Vogt


For more information, please e-mail: Kalliopi Zervanou